Making A Difference


Realizing ambitions.

A catalyst for progress, innovation, and service excellence, Nesma United Industries (NUI) supports Vision 2030.
The Human Capability Development Program is especially relevant to our business. We train Saudis so they can positively contribute and champion our values. Our learning and development programs empower our employees by enhancing values, developing skills, furthering knowledge in different fields and promoting an in-depth understanding of new business trends and needs. We create opportunities for employees to experience Saudi culture and festivities.
The Quality of Life Program is also pivotal. Through our CSR program, we directly impact citizens through sports, culture, and entertainment initiatives and develop the skills and know-how of young Saudi professionals through academies and programs. We improve living standards playing a central role in the construction and development of new cities, better hospitality services, and more green spaces.

Other Vision 2030 programs NUI impacts include:

PIF Program: We build and maintain facilities that increase non-oil GDP; introduce modern construction methods that comply with net zero and sustainability objectives while reducing construction time; and create strategic economic partnerships.
Housing Program: We build suitable housing.
Doyof Al Rahman Program: Through construction and catering, we facilitate hosting more Hajj and Omrah pilgrims and providing them with high quality services.
National Transformation Program: We sponsor non-profit organizations, offer some services for free, and motivate employees to do volunteer work. While actively attracting foreign and local investment through new projects and joint venture opportunities, we make it a point to select national products and companies. By opting for green building methods and encouraging recycling, we reduce pollution. Our frequent campaigns increase employees’ awareness of natural hazards. We actively hire and empower women; welcome people with disabilities as members of our team; and improve working conditions for expats by offering benefits and training.
Fiscal Sustainability Program: We raise the efficiency of capital and operating spending by offering alternative proposals typified by efficient processes, lower costs, and better quality.
Health Transformation Program: Our dedication to people’s well-being is evident in our comprehensive health insurance plan, medical clinics at head offices and sites, and health awareness and disease prevention campaigns.